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While wedding is a lavish affair, divorce is no less complex. It has a whole lot of paraphernalia attached to it. Australians treat marriage and divorce very seriously. For them both are sensitive issues. Here is a set of articles that try and communicate every possible information that an Australian might need while getting divorced.

We know that divorce is not easy. It is taxing for both mind and heart. Emotional issues involved in divorce leave the couple torn and withered. While some people are sturdy enough to maintain or regain balance, there are others who lose their emotional stability. Fear of a broken family, changed social status, financial insecurity, separation from child, and change of home, leave people tensed and worried. Couples or individuals become apprehensive of their life after divorce.

The articles here have tried to cover each and every emotional issue that an Australian man, woman, or child undergoes during or after divorce. Divorce is a time of great distress and good advice can really benefit you in terms of restoring mental calm and starting a new life. In a rage of feelings you might commit a blunder and regret later. It is better to seek some general advice on divorce and Apart from emotional issues, there are other practical issues that one is faced with while getting divorced. Divorce is a kind of project that needs to be treated with proper knowledge and systematic approach.

Here is a list of some major issues that an Australian couple can face while seeking divorce or once the divorce is done:

  • What is the Australian Family Law regarding divorce?
  • How can I apply for divorce in Australia?
  • How long will it take to get divorced?
  • How much money will it take to get divorced?
  • Do different regions in Australia have separate divorce laws?
  • Who will get the child custody after divorce?
  • When can I get remarried after divorce?
  • Can I meet my child after divorce?
  • Will I get alimony and child support after divorce?
  • How can I change my name after divorce?
  • What assistance does Australian Government provide to couples getting divorced or those already divorced?

There are many such issues that to-be divorced couples are faced with. It is always good to be well informed about each and every aspect of divorce and make sure that the source of information is genuine.

Divorcing couples are emotionally charged and only have half-baked information about important issues involved in divorce. They should either join a divorce forum or consult their friends who have faced similar situations in past. The articles on this website aim at providing comprehensive information on divorce related topics.

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