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South Florida collaborative divorce attorney

Collaborative divorce is new and alternative approach to get divorced compared to traditional approach. In this process there is four ways meeting of the parties and their respective lawyers appointed. People staying in south Florida these days are choosing collaborative process to get quick divorce. South Florida collaborative divorce attorney is well aware with the collaborative and family law. He is well trained in this process.

The process takes less time and cost as compared to court process. It does not follow the lengthy procedure. Collaborative process is a new service offered in south Florida which is good for the people who wants get fast divorce. When you enter this process, it is advisable that you disclose all the information in good faith. The process helps to settle down the issues in fair way. To get the best negotiation, a team of experts is appointed. These experts are financial advisor, coaches, child specialist and most important attorneys. All these members are well educated in the collaborative process.

South Florida collaborative divorce attorney is the family lawyer practicing in south Florida. This attorney not only works with other lawyer in south Florida but also work in other Florida cities as well. He/she is trained satisfy your financial needs. He serves for the best interest of the parties. The attorney appointed should follow the below mentioned functions:

  • Must educate and guide the clients
  • Should make the parties understand their priorities and suggest different ways to fulfill
  • Should make a collaborative team that can reach a fair settlement
  • Should work in friendly manner with the other lawyer, avoiding the disputes that can occur during the process
  • Should sign the participation agreement with the clients stating that they will not seek for courts decisions.

The south Florida collaborative lawyer should follow the collaborative and family law. The attorney appointed for collaborative process cannot be re appointed for court process. If attorney notices that the parties are seeking for courts advice he can end up the process. If any of the spouses walk out from the process, attorney can withdraw the case. The attorney creates a win-win situation; it is the duty of the attorney to submit the final decree after the dispute is over.

In south Florida, if you decide to appoint collaborative divorce lawyer make sure that the lawyer is qualified. The attorney should be well aware with collaborative process. You should make an enquiry related to practice percentage and certified specialist and total year of experience the attorney should work with the parties and explain the decisions taken during the process. The obligations and responsibilities towards the process should be followed.

The south Florida collaborative divorce attorney should be well qualified in advising the parties during the process. The fees depend on the number of complex issues involved, but compared to the court lawyers it is less. The goal of collaborative attorney is to give fair settlement.

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