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Collaborative divorce services

Collaborative divorce is the process where both the parties try to resolve the issues outside the court. This process started in 1990 in twin cities area with the group of family law attorneys. Since then, it became famous in United States and Canada. It helps to maintain a cordial relation between both the parties. The collaborative divorce services are a team approach of experts to help the parties in solving the issues. The aim of these services is to solve the issues related to:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Tax and other financial matters.

Collaborative divorce services

The collaborative divorce services consist of professional lawyers, coaches, child specialist and neutral financial advisor. The time needed for the process depends on how complex is the issue.

Professional lawyers are the experts in collaborative law. If situation comes, where parties donít wish to continue the process, lawyers have to withdraw the case or end up the process. If issues of children are involved, child specialists are appointed. With the help of a specialist, child can express his concerns and feelings easily. Coach is the person appoint for understanding the mental tendency of husband and wife. They communicate in more productive way with the parties divorcing. He can help the lawyers to understand the emotional aspect to facilitate their legal tasks. The issues related to finance can be more effectively solved, if neutral financial expert is appointed. He gives an assurance of providing a financial security for future.

All these experts team up together and solve the issues of the divorcing parties.

Benefits of collaborative divorce services

The services provided helps to make the divorce process less stressful. Both the parties have right to control their case. They can refuse the decisions, if they think is not right. Parenting decisions and other issues related to children are kept as priorities. The family dignity is respected and privacy is preserved. It often reduces the cost and time involved in divorce by maintaining a healthy communication. Cost depends on the time services take to finish the negotiation. Both the parties are supported by the attorneys that help them to manage emotional changes during the process. Most of all, fair settlement is made.

Collaborative divorce institute recommends a private divorce retreats to both the parties of any state in USA, to experience the benefits of the services provided.

The collaborative divorce services use informal discussions during the four way meetings. The services provided depend on the environment of honesty and cooperation. However this service is not applicable for all the cases. You must consult with your attorney if your case fits in the collaborative process. Once you make up your mind to continue with the process, get knowledge on how to proceed in your case. A strong commitment is required by both the parties to keep their case completely private. And discuss the issues honestly.

The services offered are alternative to the court proceedings. These collaborative divorce services use cooperative strategies rather than legal court process and techniques.

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