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Collaborative divorce services of Coachella valley

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to divorce court. The process is faster, less costly and private. The collaborative services of Coachella valley consist of trained and skilled professionals to help both the divorcing parties in divorce process. There is no court interference, this saves time and money.

The professionals working under collaborative services of Coachella valley are members of IACP (International Academy of collaborative professionals). These experts together fulfill the financial, legal and emotional needs of the family. This team helps in providing a negotiable settlement outside the court. Both the parties must agree to the terms of the agreement. The focus is made on the issues of Child custody, Division of assets, Visitation, Child support, Co-parenting plans, Tax and other financial issues for the future.

Collaborative divorce services of Coachella valley are dedicated to:

  • Resolve the disputes outside the court
  • Determining and solving all the issues in peaceful manner
  • Supports both the parties in deciding their priorities
  • Helps the parties to move on with the life

Difference between collaborative divorce services of Coachella valley and legal court proceedings:

The major difference between the collaborative divorce services and courts approach is that the clients makes the divorce terms.

In court proceedings, case is handled by the lawyers and decisions are made by the judge. You don’t have control over the process and have to accept the decision made. The process is costly and takes years to complete. In comparison, collaborative divorce services approach is faster and less costly. You have control on the decision that can affect you and your family. It doesn’t require court appearances. The professionals along with the parties work together in informal way throughout the process.

Professional’s involved in collaborative divorce services of Coachella valley:

The lawyers are appointed having the knowledge of collaborative law. If issues of children are involved, child specialists are appointed who can talk on their behalf. A neutral financial professional is appointed who can help in discussing matters related to finance. Divorce coaches for husband and wife also serves help during the process.

How does the collaborative divorce service of Coachella valley work?

It is a new way for handling the divorce process on family issues. Both the parties’ takes help of the collaborative team .this team will help you in solving the disputes using cooperation without courts interference. The party’s interest and children issues are the priority for discussion. Once the issues are solved, the lawyer outlines the settlement details.

This service is cost effective. The fees of experts depend on the service they provide and their years of experience. The overall cost is less as compared to the cost involved n the court proceedings. The process doesn’t take much time to get completed. The cost depends on how the peacefully the parties discuss the issues. It helps your case to be completed more quickly with fewer prices.

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