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Collaborative divorce of Seattle

Collaborative divorce is the process of settling the disputes where spouses and their respective lawyers together make a fair settlement. Collaborative divorce of Seattle helps the spouses to resolve the issues by avoiding court interference and benefits the entire family. Both the spouse can resolve the issues confidentially.

In collaborative divorce of Seattle the aim is to provide safe and peaceful settlement to both the parties. The parties are supported by legal representatives like lawyers, financial planner. If children are involved, child specialists are also appointed. When you appoint a lawyer, make sure that he is trained in collaborative law. Make sure he understands your long term goals and decides the right process for you. When both the parties enter into the agreement, they cannot seek for courts help. Either they have to end up the procedure of the collaborative divorce or they should have a valid reason to opt for it. Make sure you provide all the information required during the settlement.

Following are the primary issues taken into consideration:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Debt payment
  • Property division

All these issues are discussed without visiting the court. At collaborative divorce of Seattle, the focus is made on satisfying the clients and their families by resolving the above mentioned issues.

In order to sign for collaborative divorce, both parties should enter in an agreement of legal binding. This agreement is also called as participation agreement. The divorce process is served at collaborative family law clients in king country, WA. If any party fails to follow the procedure their lawyers have to end the process or withdraw the case. This process saves time and cost involved in court visits. It helps to eliminate the social and economical cost of legal proceedings.

You can opt for collaborative divorce of Seattle:

  • If resolving issues related to children are is your priority
  • If you think that this process can give you fair settlement
  • If you wish to go for confidential divorce process without government interference .

    Collaborative family law of Seattle is an independent professional association of collaborative team members. This law is based on the principle of honest exchange of information between the parties. It includes a four way meeting ensuring a quick divorce. A cordial relation between both the parties is maintained.

    The advantage in choosing the collaborative divorce is that both the parties can control their life. The critical decisions related to the divorce can be taken. It is different than traditional legal process .experts advice can help you make a good decision. The decisions taken during the settlement procedure is valid.

    When you decide to go for collaborative divorce of Seattle, contact the lawyer you want to appoint. Discuss your case with him .make a list of issues you want to resolve. Make a schedule for resolving the issues. Once the decisions are made the lawyer will prepare the documents stating the details of settlement. Both the parties should agree with the terms while entering into the settlement. They should meet all the residential requirements.

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