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Collaborative divorce mediation

Collaborative divorce mediation is an alternative approach to court proceeding of getting divorced. In this process, different trained experts are appointed to get the positive outcome in cooperative way. They helps the parties to get divorced without disturbing their current relation. It saves their time and money of visiting court.

The team of highly skilled and trained expert helps the family during separation and divorce process. They help in solving the issues and disputes outside the court. It is highly confidential and issues are discussed in complete faith. There is disclosure of all the information keeping them private. As the court does not interfere, and there is use of trained professionals, parties can achieve a good result for the family. This process allows you to take the responsibility of making the decisions on own and setting the priorities accordingly.

Collaborative divorce mediation is a better option for the separation. The team of experts appointed includes: trained lawyers, neutral financial analyst, divorce coach and child specialist. These experts are well trained in the collaborative process and mediation techniques. They are skilled at meeting the financial, legal and emotional needs of you and your family during the separation.

  • Role of financial analyst: He/she is the person who makes a good research of both the party’s financial condition. He makes sure there is equal distribution of finance for future aspect. If issues of children are involved, finance that can be needed for child security is also planned by the financial analyst. He suggest the ways of financial security for future
  • Role of lawyer-the lawyer plays an important role in whole process, both the parties appoint the lawyers who can talk on their behalf. They try to solve the issues by avoiding the disputes. If any of the party decides to walk out from the process, it is the duty of the lawyer to withdraw the case.
  • Role of coach-as divorce is emotional process, the involvement of metal health expert is necessary. Coach is also known as mental health professional. The coach supports both the parties during the emotional stress they can face during the process.
  • Role of child specialist-child specialist is appointed when issues of children are involved. This person frames the need s and concerns of child in the whole divorce process. He assists the parties and the team for making the decisions good for children.

The process starts when the parties and their respective lawyers sign a participation agreement and ends by submitting the final decree to the court. The negotiations between the parties and their mediation experts are based on interest. In other words, each party’s interest is taken into consideration while making a creative solution. The settlement is handled on informal basis with each party attending the series of four-way meeting with the collaborative divorce mediation team.

This meeting highlights the issues of family law like child custody, visitation, property division, co-parenting plan and division of assets. One major difference in collaborative divorce mediation process and other alternative approach is that clients can control the decisions made during the settlement and make the terms of divorce agreement rather than letting the third party make the decision for them.

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