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Collaborative divorce lawyer in Michigan

Michigan is one of the states choosing the alternative approach of court proceedings that is collaborative divorce. This process is good for the people who want to get divorced in short time without disturbing the relationship. In this process, there is a four way meeting where both the parties appoint the lawyers to talk on their behalf and handle the situation. Collaborative divorce lawyer in Michigan are well educated with collaborative process. The people appointing the collaborative lawyers can completely rely on them for solving the issues.

The collaborative process is comparatively easy and simple than the court proceedings. It saves time and money of visiting the court. This process is beneficial for the people who priorities are already set. This process is highly confidential; it is advisable for the spouses to disclose complete information to the lawyers. The aim of this process is to settle the issues in fair manner. To achieve this goal various experts work together as a team combining the financial and emotional aspect of divorce. Lawyers are one of the team members. He plays an important role. They handle the situation if it gets worse. The aim of the lawyers is to spate the parties without separating the family. They help to minimize the negative outcome of divorce.

The collaborative lawyer in Michigan is trained in such way that they will help you to meet your needs. Both the lawyers appointed will represent the best interest of the clients. He will assist you by performing some of the functions mentioned below:

  • Educating and providing guidance to the clients
  • He helps the parties to identify the need and priorities, and suggesting different ways by which they can meet the needs
  • Suggesting different parenting plans which can help to maintain the relation with children
  • He helps to create a collaborative team and manages the dispute
  • Works in cooperate way with the other lawyers and the team and assist the parties in preparing the agreement
  • The lawyer also serves as a case manager, if mediator is included
  • He has a right to end up the process if a client fails to follow the collaborative practice participation agreement.

It is the duty of the lawyer to see to it that the clients do not seek for court decision after entering this process. The lawyer appointed for collaborative process cannot be reappointed for the court proceedings. He should create a win-win situation among the parties. If any of the parties decide to walk out from the proceedings, it’s his duty to withdraw the case. Once all the issues are resolved he should submit the final decree to the court.

Before appointing the collaborative lawyer, you should keep in mind certain things that can be helpful. A lawyer’s qualification in few things can help you in your investigation like Percentage of practice and years of experience, and certified specialist (if any) and law school and educational background. He should carry an experience in the collaborative process.

The collaborative lawyers in Michigan are well qualified experts providing guidance during the whole process. The fees are also less as compared to the court lawyers. They provide you with best negotiation in less time.

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