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Collaborative divorce in Vancouver

Collaborative divorce in Vancouver facilitates the parties to get divorced without the court interference. Collaborative law is the best choice for the parties to meet a negotiable settlement. Before entering in this process both the parties should agree to accept the terms mentioned in the agreement it helps the spouses to arrive at the situation where the problems are complex.

The benefits for the people choosing collaborative divorce in Vancouver are:

A cooperative environment is created. The needs and interest of the clients are met. Emphasize is made on the well being of children. Issues of children are the priorities. It allows both the parties to control their cases. The decisions made, can be made by the parties. It builds the confidence among the divorcing parties. Disclosure of the all issues is made in faith and privately. Time and money involved in visiting the court is saved. It is the advanced model providing mental support and legal guidance at the same time. A respectful relation is maintained and financial security is provided. It helps both the parties to move on with their lives.

The Vancouver collaborative divorce team

The team consists of divorce coaches, neutral financial advisor, family lawyers and child specialist. All these experts work together with the divorcing parties. The team approach is flexible to meet the family needs. Lawyers are trained in the collaborative process. They provide legal advice to the clients. The clients discuss their case with lawyers privately and then participate in the four way meeting. Coaches are the mental health professionals who are well aware in the family an issue pertaining to the separation. He/she provides emotional support and makes the communication skills effective. Both the parties have coach to assist them

A Child specialist focuses on the issues related to children. This specialist is well trained in the child development techniques. He ensures that emotional needs and concerns of children are considered by the parents. Financial advisor supports both the parties. He works as a neutral third party. He/she act as a resource in dealing with the financial issues like tax implications. The expertsí advice depends on the need and complexity of the case.

Collaborative divorce in Vancouver has dedicated and highly skilled experts offering a modern way of dealing with divorce. The approach involved reduces the financial costs that can result from the divorce. it is a way to save money .The support of the lawyer is present.

In this process, the divorcing parties and their lawyers sign a written agreement to resolve the issues outside the court. The collaborative approach creates an atmosphere of healthy communication and cooperating .the settlement made is fair as both the parties meet with needs during the process. In case if the process is not successful, and the parties leave the course in the middle, their respective lawyers have to withdraw the case or end the procedure. The cost involved in this process is comparatively less. It is the best alternative to the court proceedings.

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