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Collaborative divorce in Orange County

Collaborative divorce in orange county, CA helps the people staying in California to get divorced without following courts procedure. This process is comparatively simpler that traditional approach of court. It offers you a healthy process to get divorced by providing support and guidance to you and your family. When you enter the collaborative process, it is necessary to agree to stay out of court and make the decisions.

If both the parties agree on the divorce terms, they get plenty of options available on collaborative divorce in California. This process helps you to avoid the pain of visiting the court and seeking for the advice. It starts when the parties and their lawyers sign a participation agreement stating, that they will resolve the dispute outside the court. When final decree is submitted to the court the process comes to and end. This process resolves the issues related to family law like child custody, alimony, property division, debt payment and visitation.

Collaborative divorce in Orange County provides you with a team of qualified professionals. It consists of lawyers who are well aware of collaborative law, financial advisor, divorce coaches and child specialist. This team will guide you in the collaborative process, and complete your divorce in short time. The fee of each professional varies depending on the experience, but the overall cost is less than visiting the court.

Lawyers appointed are well educated and trained in the collaborative process. When all the issues are solved, they submit the final decree to the court. In case if any of the party decides to walk out from the process, lawyers have to withdraw the case. The lawyers appointed for collaborative divorce cannot be reappointed for the court process. A financial advisor makes a good research of finance availability of both the parties, and guides them in providing financial security for future.

Child specialist plays an important role if issues of children are involved. They talk on behalf of children about the feeling, and concerns regarding divorce. They help in suggesting parenting plan to the spouses. Coach is also known as mental health professional he is appointed to help the spouses during the emotional stress, which they might face during the process.

Choosing collaborative divorce is a good option. It is a complete different process and a new way of cooperative approach. Traditional proceedings are generally very lengthy and time taking, whereas collaborative process is less costly and takes less time to end. If issues related to children are not involved, then the case gets finished within 6months.its a cooperative approach providing healthy communication between both the parties. Child issues are given priorities. This process helps to work for fair settlement by avoiding the disputes. The parties can control the decisions made during the process. The parties can make changes in the decisions , if they find it unfair.

Collaborative divorce in Orange County is good for the people who want to avoid the courts visit. It is a great advantage for the people who want to get divorced in short time. The process is highly confidential and there is no court interference. California is one of the states choosing the collaborative law for getting divorced.

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