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collaborative divorce in New York, collaborative divorce NJ

Collaborative divorce in newyork is the cost saving method used by the couples to make the agreement on the issues, without spending on court process. It is good for the couples who can sit together and resolve their own situation. In New York, collaborative law is not widely practiced as it is newly introduced. Both the parties are represented by the lawyers.

In such type of divorce, team feeling is created. Collaborative divorce in newyork provides the parties with trained lawyers, without court costs. Before starting the process, both the parties and their lawyers agree to sign the agreement. This agreement states that all the parties will attempt to resolve the issues without courts interference. The divorce handled in newyork court is expensive and time consuming as compared to collaborative law.

Benefits of collaborative divorce

When you work together with your spouse in resolving the issues, both of you will be benefited. This form of divorce includes benefits like:

  • Flexibility in the agreement
  • Confidential proceedings
  • Decisions are controlled by the spouses
  • Children are benefited
  • Cost and time saver

When both the parties enter into this agreement, they should accept that issues will be settled in informal manner. The lawyers are appointed to assist them during the process. Priority should be given to child issues, if children are involved. The lawyers help to settle the dispute and emotional issues creative way. The status will be saved in regard to children and changes in assets, insurance coverage or other issues will not be made without consent This process facilitates the parties to disclose all the information. If any one of you fails to reach the acceptable agreement, their respective lawyers either withdraw the process or end up. This process encourages both the spouse to solve the issues tighter outside the court.

In collaborative divorce of Newyork, the team of qualified lawyers, coach if required, financial advisor and child specialist are appointed. The lawyer appointed commits to “no court” aspect of the process. The lawyers prepare all the necessary papers for the clients. Coach is the person appointed to support the parties during emotional stress. Financial advisors provide guidance on the issues of future security. If children are involved, child specialists help to frame the children concern and feelings regarding the divorce.

This approach makes the divorce civil and cooperative. It can speed up the New York divorce process. You can bring changes in the decisions made. There is no court restriction. This process is informal method of financial disclosure. It involves financial documents, four way meetings and negotiations. It is an alternative for traditional divorce process. Both the parties are not allowed to seek for courts action, once they enter in this process. It is an effective way to reach a fair solution and resolve the issues.

Although this process is new service offered, but most of the divorces end up in the settlement because of good negotiation.

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