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Collaborative divorce in Memphis

Collaborative divorce in Memphis is a good option for the people who want to get divorced in short time without courts interference. This is an alternative approach to the legal proceedings of the court. Both the parties appoint lawyers who are well trained in collaborative process. It is for the people who want to work in a cooperative way to get divorced.

In this process along with the lawyers other experts are also appointed. These experts are financial advisor, child specialist and coach. This team of experts comes together with a goal to make the settlement fair. The fees of each expert vary according to the experience, and work assigned.

Financial advisor makes a good research of the available finance with both the parties. Accordingly he guides the spouses for the financial security for future. Coach is the person who guides the parties for the parenting plan. He helps the parties during emotional stress they can face in the process. Child specialist is appointed if issues of children are involved. He talks on behalf of children regarding their needs and financial security. He works from the point of view of providing security to the child. Lawyer appointed for collaborative process cannot be reappointed for the court proceedings. It is the duty of lawyer to withdraw the case if any of the spouses decides to walk out from the process. They should act as an advisor during the process.

This team practice in the areas like child custody, visitation, separation, property division and adoption. Important family decisions need guidance and knowledge to avoid future consequences. This team together helps the parties in negotiating the settlement in fair manner.

There are many advantages if you choose collaborative process in Memphis. It is comparatively simpler and less time taking process. If issues of children are avoided, the case gets resolved less than 6 months. Both the parties can control the decisions made. They have the right to modify the changes in the decisions taken the process is completely confidential. So the parties are advised to disclose all the information in compete faith. The parties donít have to wait for the courtís decision if they choose this process. It helps to keep the parties financial and emotional resources intact. The party can walk out from the process, if he/she is not convinced with the solution. It encourages mutual respect and civilized solution to your argument. The communication is maintained in good terms without disturbing the current relation.

Collaborative divorce in Memphis, TN is a new approach that has gained popularity because of its informal approach. It promises to achieve a solution that is best for the parties and their family. This alternative approach follows three basic principles like exchanging information in complete faith, agreeing if settlement is fair for the family and working in cooperative way. Both the spouses work to resolve the issues in friendly way. Though this process may not work with all the couples, in many situations collaborative divorce can be the best choice.

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