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collaborative divorce in Massachusetts

Collaborative divorce in Massachusetts is the process to get divorced outside court. It is comparatively easy process than traditional approach of getting divorced. The parties involved commit themselves to achieve a fair settlement. It can be best described as the process to practice law, where lawyers appointed for both sides agree to assist the clients to resolve the issues by using cooperative techniques.

In this process both the parties and their lawyers enter into the “participation agreement”. In this agreement it is agreed that if settlement is not reached, the attorneys will withdraw the case. Through this process the team tries to reach a fair settlement. The process starts by signing the order of collaborative family law. If all the issues are solved, the process ends by submitting final decree to the court.

In this process each lawyer appointed is trained in collaborative divorce in Massachusetts. The parties and their lawyers have only one aim that is to settle down the issues without the threat of trial. Along with the lawyers, even few experts are appointed. These experts are coaches, financial advisors and child specialists. Coach also known as mental health professionals, is appointed to support the parties during emotional stress. Financial advisor play a neutral role. He/she make a research on the finance available among the parties; provide guidance for the financial security for future. Child specialist is the person appointed to talk on behalf of children. He/she frames the children need and feelings regarding divorce.

Choosing collaborative process is the best option as financial security is provided. The relation with children does not get affected. The focus is made on the settlement without courts interference. Both the parties have the right to control the decisions made during the process. They don’t have to seek for courts advice. The process is less expensive compared to court proceedings. Time and money to visit the court is avoided. The process is entirely fair and respectful. It ensures the exchange of all the financial and other information in faith and privacy. The collaborative divorce in Massachusetts is the good for the people seeking for an alternative to legal and time taking process of court. It is least expensive process as the court appearances are avoided.

This process resolves the issues in creative and non destructive way. It allows the spouses to have the involvement of the lawyers who can provide with creative solutions. Clients in advance agree not to visit the court for obtaining the judgment in uncontested proceedings.

Collaborative divorce in Massachusetts is the best option for the people who don’t want to visit the court to get divorced. The process is same like that of court proceedings. The only difference is that it simpler and effective than traditional approach. The principles like exchange of information and working with cooperation are followed in the process. The process helps to reach the settlement while maintaining the dignity of both the parties. Massachusetts is one of the states choosing the collaborative process as the way to get divorce in easy way.

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