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collaborative divorce in Illinois

Collaborative divorce in Illinois is designed to deal more effectively with divorce issues. It gives the parties an opportunity to settle divorce outside the court. This process is an alternative to the traditional approach of divorce. The parties involved in the process, each hire a lawyer who is well aware of the collaborative law.

This process is completely different as compared to mediation. In mediation, the mediator cannot give legal advice, where as in collaborative divorce, lawyers have right to give a legal advice during the negotiation process. The process starts when both parties sign the order of collaborative law, and if all the issues are settled the process then ends by submitting the final decree to the court. It effectively resolves the issues like:

  • Parenting plan and visitation
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Other responsibilities

In collaborative divorce in Illinois, the lawyers appointed are well trained in the process. Other than lawyers, few experts are also appointed. This team of experts along with the parties comes together to negotiate the settlement. Experts like financial advisor, coaches and child specialists are also appointed. Financial advisor provides guidance for the financial security for future. Coaches are also known as mental health professionals. They support the parties during the emotional stress faced during the divorce process. Child specialists help to frame the feelings and concerns of children on the divorce issues. All these people come together and make the settlement fair. In case if any of the party decides to walk out from the process, the respective lawyers have to withdraw the case.

It is the job of the lawyers to work with their clients, if clients do not get fair negotiation. This helps to make the process positive and productive.

Why to choose collaborative divorce?

This process saves time and money of visiting the court. The cooperative environment is created. Both the parties have the right to control the decisions made. Family can actively participate in the process. The court does not interfere in the process. This makes the parties more confident about their case. There is an effective communication made that preserves the integrity of relationships. The collaborative law prepares the party to deal with the future conflict by negotiation rather than court proceedings.

This process in Illinois encourages you to consider the benefits of collaborative divorce. This four way meeting is held in informal way. The aim of this process is to satisfy the parties with fair settlement, and maintaining relationship as well.

The collaborative divorce in Illinois is good for the spouses who donít wish to file the divorce in the court. It follows the same process like traditional approach of getting divorce. The only difference is, it creates a win-win situation, and the results are mostly positive. It is a best way to get divorce without spoiling the current relation between the parties. Illinois is one of the states choosing the collaborative process as a way to avoid the lengthy process of court to get divorced.

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