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collaborative divorce in Georgia, Georgia collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce helps in solving issues related to family law outside the court. There are four members involved in this process, the couple and their respective lawyers. Collaborative divorce in Georgia follows the collaborative law where both partners can resolve disputes in private. This process is same to court proceedings. The only difference is that there is no interference of court.

Certain issues of family law that are discussed in collaborative process are:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Debt payment
  • Property division

All of these should be properly discussed with your attorney first so that he/she can represent your case properly. If children are involved, child specialist should be appointed. Other representative like neutral financial expert and coach are also involved to make the settlement fair.

Collaborative law makes the settlement negotiable, and builds a parenting plan. It allows you to control the proceeding. This type of process is cost and time saving. It is less stressful, and follows the same procedure like a court proceeding. The only exception is that the court does not interfere.

When you go through the process, you and your spouse can:

  • Work on the situation calmly through a temporary agreement.
  • Exchange all the information in private.
  • Decide on how to handle post divorce situations.
  • Negotiate the settlement that works for you.
  • Agree on legal procedures that help in minimizing the expenses.

Once you enter the process, the only condition is that you cannot seek for courtís legal proceedings. If any other spouse fails to follow this process, his/her respective attorney has to either withdraw or end up the process. When you appoint a lawyer, make sure he is an expert in collaborative law. If you are not aware of collaborative process, consult the lawyer who is going to undertake your case.

Collaborative process in Georgia makes the legal part of divorce simple. It is a four way conference, where both parties seek for the approach to settle down their issues. All parties concentrate on making the settlement fair. You have to appoint the lawyer who is well trained in collaborative process. Make a list of the issues you want to discuss. Consult with you lawyer and give him an idea about your case. Schedule the meeting for discussion with your spouse. Discuss the issues with your spouse and his lawyer and settle down the agreement. Once you reach the agreement through a collaborative law, your lawyer drafts the documents stating the settlement details. The documents drafted are legally binding.

Collaborative divorce in Georgia helps in maintaining a healthy relationship between the spouses. It maintains a positive environment. Court visitations are avoided. There is an open communication between the spouses, making the settlement fair. It is less dramatic experience compared to court proceedings. While entering into the collaborative divorce process, both parties should be in good terms with each other. If couples want to settle the issues in good way with the help of lawyers, they can opt for such process.

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