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Collaborative divorce in Dallas

Collaborative divorce is the process following collaborative law to resolve the issues. Both the spouse along with their attorneys conducts a four way meeting. They negotiate the divorce issues related to property, debt, visitation and co-parenting. Collaborative divorce in Dallas is the method of law to resolve the legal issues which lowers the stress, costs and time.

In collaborative divorce in Dallas experts like financial advisor, coaches, child specialists can be helpful sometimes, these people provide objectivity to facilitate solutions creatively that can be best for the family. In this process parties effectively resolve the issues like:

  • Parenting plan and child custody
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Other responsibilities

This four way meeting allows both the parties to reach the settlement that are personalized and long term. When all the issues are resolved, final decree of divorce is submitted to the court. When you choose this process, it is required to give the commitment of solving the issues outside court. The lawyers chosen by the spouses help to reach the settlement in fair manner.

Divorcing parties are encouraged to take a cooperative and positive approach towards the issues to be discussed. There are many advantages of this process. There is an increased cooperation. There is healthy discussion and effective communication among the parties. Children don’t get affected with the disputes. Priorities are given to the issues related to them. Both the parties have the control of the divorce process. There is great efficiency and privacy maintained in the process.

The collaborative divorce in Dallas can be the best option for you if following things are important to you:

  • You want to control the whole divorce process
  • You look for civil and respectful process to end your marriage
  • You wish to keep a healthy relationship in future even after divorce
  • Issues related to children are priorities
  • You want to resolve the issues in private without courts interference

To start with the process it requires an agreement of both the parties to participate. In case if any of the spouses walk out from this process, their respective lawyers have to end up the process or withdraw it. In Dallas this process has come forward as an alternative for the courts process of divorce. This process differs from the traditional approach of divorce. It saves time and cost of both the parties.

The team of qualified lawyers and experts are appointed in collaborative divorce in Dallas. The attorney appointed commits to “no court” aspect of the process. A financial advisor helps in financial security. Coaches help the spouses during the emotional stress. Child specialists talk on child attitude towards divorce. This approach can speed up the Dallas divorce process. It is the informal way to disclose all the financial issues. It involves documents related to finance, a four way meeting and issues to negotiate.

This is a new service offered, where most of the divorces end up in the fair settlement because of good negotiation.

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