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Collaborative divorce in Atlanta

The collaborative divorce in Atlanta is one of the alternative ways to get divorced. It is an association of the experts who are well versed in particular field of divorce. This process eliminates the legal court proceedings and reduces the stress involved in the process. The result is more productive way to resolve the issues.

The Atlanta collaborative divorce team:

There is the Atlanta Collaborative Divorce Alliance (ACDA) which involves a group of well qualified persons to promote the use of collaborative process .This team helps in resolving the issues of family in the informal way. The team consists of:

  • Collaborative attorneys, one for each party;
  • Team coaches, one for each party;
  • Child specialist; and
  • Financial specialist

The lawyer serves as a legal advisor and provides the guidance throughout the process. The financial specialist collects the necessary information for making decisions on financial issues. The child specialist acts as a voice for the child. He frames children opinion on the divorce issue for making the parenting plan. The coach provides a respectful communication. He helps to create a co-parenting relationship.

Throughout the process, the collaborative team makes sure that child issues are the priority. The control of the outcome is with the parties and not with the judges. They help the divorcing parties to focus on their primary goals.

Benefits of collaborative divorce in Atlanta are:

It minimizes the stress involved in the legal process. Privacy is maintained. It saves time and cost of visiting the court. Both the parties have right to control the decisions made. Cordial relationship is maintained. Financial security is provided. The confidence is built among the parties. This advanced model not only provides legal guidance but also provides the mental support. Both the parties can move on with their lives. The support of the lawyers makes both the parties to disclose the issues in complete faith and honesty. The needs and interest of clients are met.

Process of collaborative divorce in Atlanta

In this process both the parties can work on the situation calmly. Future decisions can be made. Once you enter the process, only condition is that you cannot seek for courts action. The whole process is done outside the court. This process makes the divorce simpler. The process is a four way meeting discussing on the family issues. Both the parties should be in good terms with each other when they enter the process. Situation arises when, one of the spouses wish to leave the process all of a sudden. During such time, lawyer should either end up the process or should withdraw the case. When all the issues are made, he/she should draft the settlement agreement and sent it to the court.

The collaborative divorce is Atlanta is committed for the parties’ satisfaction on the legal and emotional issues. This kind of approach provides win-win situation that makes the parties more active to resolve the matters. It allows both the parties to negotiate the agreement in the environment free from legal bindings of the court.

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