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Collaborative divorce association

Collaborative divorce is the process for divorcing the parties outside the court. Collaborative divorce association is the team of the members coming together, trying to sort out the things to avoid the violence among the parties. It helps in resolving the issues using cooperative strategies. The parties come in direct contact with each other, collaborative team support them in legal advice. This association includes lawyers, financial expert, coaches and child specialist if children are involved.

The collaborative association together sort out the issues related to:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Property division
  • Debt payment
  • Co parenting plan

When all the legal experts come together to sort out the issues involved in the family breakdown, the case ends up successfully. The parties are represented by lawyers during the process. There is no court interference. The important paperwork are finished by the lawyers.

Description about collaborative divorce association (CDA)

  • Attorneys- Both the team appoints the attorneys having knowledge about their collaborative law. They come together to facilitate negotiation and protect their clients rights
  • Child specialists- Most of the time couples having children prefers to choose collaborative divorce. When issues of children are involved, itís always preferable to appoint the person who can set the children needs. Child specialist can recommend for parenting plans. He helps the children to express their feelings.
  • Divorce coaches- Health professionals can help both the spouses to create skills for participating actively in the negotiations. He helps to develop the strategies for co-parenting and other future issues.
  • Financial specialist- He provides assistance in acquiring financial matter. He can also be helpful in dividing the assets and debts.

The above specialists come together to resolve the matter. They make a team of collaborative divorce. The discussion of the whole team is informal. There conversation is completely private. Such experts encourage, maintaining a healthy relation among each other.

Collaborative divorce association helps to:

  • Resolve the divorce and non marital dissolution
  • They try to understand both the spouses and achieve a fair outcome
  • Their principle is no-court, which is a cooperative model of negotiation.

Collaborative divorce association completes the divorce with the collaborative process. The parties get benefits like.

  • More control on the outcome of divorce
  • Move on with their new lives
  • Lessens the times to complete the divorce
  • Financial security is gained.

    The process is cheap and time saving than other legal proceeding. It summarizes on dealing with the future matters, which can be easily solved. Like fast divorce, collaborative divorce is inexpensive process. Couples can resolve many issues effectively and confidently. Collaborative divorce associations believe in cooperation, professionalism and honesty. All the members are well trained and experts in their respective filed. This benefits the couple for their long term interest. The parties get a fair negotiation and disputes are avoided.

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