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Collaborative divorce Arizona

Collaborative divorce in Arizona is a process to dissolve marriage without visiting court, while providing you with all the legal and expert advice. In this process, both the parties appoint the lawyers who are well educated. The process starts by signing the order of collaborative family law agreement. If all the issues are met, the process ends by submitting the final decree to the court.

The process is a four way meeting where both the parties along with their lawyers try to resolve the issues, and reach a fair settlement. The full team approach of collaborative divorce also involves a coach, financial advisor and child specialists. Coach helps to provide support during emotional stress. They are also known as mental health professionals. Financial advisors are appointed with a view to provide financial security for future. Child specialist helps to frame the childrenís need and their concerns on divorce. Both the parties get lawyers trained in the collaborative process who are appointed for the settlement purpose only. All these experts come together and try to meet a fair settlement.

Collaborative divorce in Arizona provides the service that educates and guides the separating parties for getting a fair settlement. In case if any of the spouse is not satisfied, he/she can leave the process. During such situation, respective lawyer have to either withdraw the case, or end up the process. Both the parties have to disclose all the financial and other information fully. This four-way meeting is informal, where both the parties can control on the decisions made.

Collaborative divorce in Arizona is based on three principles. These principles include the exchange of all the information in good faith. No dependence on court for the decisions. Both the parties should agree on the settlement that is good for both of them and their children. Only if parties are ready to cooperate, this process can work. This process is an alternative for the courts process of divorce.

There are many benefits of this process. It saves time and money of visiting court. It does not involve lengthy procedures like court. The parties have full control on the decisions made. There is disclosure of all the information in complete trust. The issues are resolved in privacy. The priority is given on the children issues. It avoids the expensive process of court to get divorce. The emotional stress is minimized.

Arizona is one of the many states choosing collaborative process as a good way to get divorced. There is a healthy communication built between both the parties. The collaborative divorce in Arizona is legally acceptable. The good relationship between the parties is made. This positive approach is a good way to get fair settlement. This process is helpful for the parties who donít want to file for divorce in court .this process helps to reach the fair settlement while maintaining the dignity of each spouse. Divorcing parties get encouragement to work together wit appositive approach on the issues to be discussed. If you are looking for civil and respectful way to get divorced, this process can be the good option.

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