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Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is breakdown of marriage. To make divorce less complicated, couples can settle the issues by entering into agreements. Collaborative divorce can be useful to settle down the issues and differences in positive way. If you want to opt for collaborative divorce and donít have idea about it, this article can help you in solving the question of what is collaborative divorce. It is kind of a negotiation on the issues related to divorce.

Collaborative divorce is beneficial to couples agreeing on certain issues or even for those who donít agree on the issues. Many people have issues of how collaborative divorce works? Before knowing the process you must understand, what is collaborative divorce?

When you decide to go for divorce many issues arises like:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Debt repayment

In collaborative divorce, couples decide to negotiate on all of the above mentioned issues. During such divorce both parties sign a participation agreement with some professional help. When you sign for such agreement, make sure to remain in good faith and agree to keep the matters confidential.

How does collaborative divorce work?

It is a process when both parties enter into an agreement of negotiation. This kind of process is done when parties do not agree on certain issues. When both the parties opt for collaborative divorce, it is necessary to appoint a lawyer. He can assist you in the negotiation agreement. If issues of children are involved, then custody specialists are also appointed to make sure that the settlement is fair.

Normally both the parties sign the agreement in presence of their lawyers. The lawyer appointed during collaborative divorce doesnít represent you in court. For this you need to find another advisory lawyer. The divorce process becomes easy when both parties agree on all issues.

Use of collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce helps in minimizing conflicts between both the parties. With the help of collaborative divorce both parties can:

  • Negotiate the settlement that can be convenient
  • Exchange necessary information
  • Minimize expense due to complications in divorce
  • Can stabilize the situation between them

Once you are clear with the issue of what is collaborative divorce you must also know how to do a collaborative divorce? Following steps can help you with this:

  • Get the information of what is collaborative divorce. Once you educate yourself about this, then you can make a firm decision for opting it.
  • Make up your mind if you are ready to enter into such agreement
  • Discuss with your spouse if he/she is comfortable with such agreement. It is very necessary that both the parties should agree with terms of the agreement
  • Find a lawyer who can be a representative for handling your collaborative divorce case. Appoint the person who is expert in handling such cases.

Collaborative process of divorce will continue till issues are resolved. This type of agreement saves your time and money. Most importantly, this agreement helps you in getting your divorce without much complication.

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