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Child support in Australia

When discussing about child support in Australia after the divorce of parents, there are various things which should be kept in consideration as getting child support in different jurisdictions is based on different laws. For getting child support in Australia, the responsible authority is the Child Support Agency Australia. This agency calculates the fair amount to be given for the child support and it is based on the income of the parents. Here the parents are required to provide a review of the assets, income and similar factors which bring to forth the case particulars.

The child support payment for a child is decided along with the other settlements which take place during a divorce case. It is sorted out along with issues related to divorce such as custody, alimony, visitations, etc. The steps in every jurisdiction differ but given below are the basic steps which must be complied by almost all jurisdictions for attaining child support. The given steps are helpful in getting child support in Australia as well:

  1. A parent or his/her attorney must be present before the courthouse or the local magistrate to register the application for establishing the child support. Details related to marriage and divorce of parents is also required for the same.
  2. The other parent henceforth is served with a court summon which informs him/her of being sued for child support. This present must be present in the court hearing for the proceeding to move in a further direction.
  3. There are cases where denial of child parentage is done. Such cases demands paternity establishment through fathers voluntary signature or though a DNA test. There after the birth certificate of the child is amended with the father name and the child support is then calculated.

After all the given obligations are fulfilled and the court is satisfied, the court obligors and orders the parents to make timely payments for the child support.

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