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Child custody laws in Australia

The decision of opting for a divorce is definitely not an easy one. None of the couples get into the nuptial agreement with the thought of divorce. Divorce brings along anguish, sense of loss, anxiety and trauma. It involves separation of not only the couple but of many other relationships that form with a marriage. The effect of divorce is very hard especially on children.

In Australia divorce is governed by The Family Law Act of 1975 wherein the court is not concerned with the reason of divorce and believes that separation is irretrievable. Child custody laws in Australia are very satisfactory. Bothe the partners have equal rights for custody of children; however the court always considers the fact that which parent would look after the child in a more responsible manner. Whichever parent gets the custody of the child lives with the child and the other partner gets the child visitation rights in Australia. Both the parents are required to contribute equally towards well being of the children and usually it is observed that the non-custodial parent supports the child financially.

In the past years grandparentís rights for child custody have also taken a different light in Australia. There has been a repetitive demand by grandparents to offer them child custody rights in case of bitter separations and domestic violence between couples to avoid bad influence on children.

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