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Divorce Guide

Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Michigan

Cheap divorce lawyers in Michigan are generally those lawyers that deal with the family law and other divorce issues. These lawyers are expert in Michigan law related to family issues and legal counsel whenever required. It is common for both spouses to utilize various cheap divorce lawyers to deal with the divorce process.

While choosing the right cheap divorce lawyer in Michigan, consider certain things:

  • Are they good enough to handle divorce cases? In any legal issue especially when its divorce, make sure you hire an experienced divorce lawyer.
  • Do they practice in the court where your case will be starting?
  • Does his/her work have credibility with the judge?
  • Does he/she understand what is expected by the client?
  • Will he/she be scared by the other lawyer or judge?
  • Will he/she be reactive and control the flow of the case?
  • Will he/she use his/her time wisely and charge for services making difference?
  • Are they recommended by another person or friends?
  • Do they have a good reputation in the county where they practice?

Certain Necessary Things to Remember from your Lawyer’s Point of View

Your lawyer must realize how important your case is for you. They have to also take care of other cases. It is not necessary that they will be available for you 24 hours a day to consult. That does not mean your case is not being handled properly, it’s just part of the practice.

Divorce cases usually take a long time, particularly when children are involved. Make sure you tell every small fact related to your case to the lawyer. Every minute information matters a lot at the time of making the agreement.

Your lawyer should respond to other parties’ lawyer when they take some action. This type of work takes time to deal. Make sure that you have that patience in you. You may have to face rise in the expenses as a result of your spouse’s efforts.

Your lawyer should know everything in detail to handle your case. If you do not tell your lawyer everything, you are putting yourself in some disadvantage. Trust the lawyer you hire.

Although you may learn something new, your lawyer cannot always do something with that information. It is better to talk to your lawyer once few weeks and keep him/her updated with the information. Try to meet him/her personally and talk to him/her, rather than calling all the time. In most of the cases, lawyers charge you every time you make a call, so use their time wisely.

List of Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Michigan

Michael A.Robbins P.L.L.C

Bloomfield Hills, MI firm serving Oakland County
Divorce and Other Family Law Matters For over 29 years

Dart Drouillard, P.C

Livonia, MI firm serving Novi, Michigan
Criminal Law and DUI, Divorce, and all Family Law issues

Bain and Bain, P.C

27780 Novi Road, Suite 225, Novi, Michigan 48377-3402 U.S.A.

Law offices of Sullivan and Leavitt, P.C

22375 Haggerty Road, Novi, Michigan 48375 U.S.A.

Elkouri Heath

39555 Orchard Hill Place, Suite 215, Novi, Michigan 48375-5377 U.S.A.

Lehman Law PLLC

28175 Haggerty Road, Novi, Michigan 48377 U.S.A.

Jack man and Kasody, PLLC

Bingham Farms, MI firm serving Novi, Michigan

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