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Divorce Guide

Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Houston Texas

A typical divorce or agreement modification can cost both the spouses thousands of dollars of legal fees and months of stress. However, not every person's divorce action needs to be in such a stressful way. If the case is an uncontested divorce, it can end up in the best possible result for both the spouses, especially children if cheap divorce lawyers in Houston Texas are hired.

An uncontested divorce, in Houston, is where both the spouses agree on the terms and conditions of the divorce. They will end up signing all divorce documents without any fighting. Attending the court hearing is also not compulsory for them. Hearing can be attended as a part of the legal process by the divorce lawyers hired.

However, the situation will be contested divorce, where both the spouses are unable to agree on all the divorce terms. If there is any issue left, you cannot get an uncontested divorce. Issues can be related to children, property or alimony. During such time, the parties, especially the middle class people who cannot afford to hire expensive divorce attorneys can search for cheap divorce lawyers in Houston Texas through online services or legal aid services.

Cheap divorce lawyers in Houston Texas are dedicated to help the spouses to get divorced at a low cost. It involves both financial as well as emotional costs. These lawyers offer variety of services, including serving the information to the clients, and advising them whether or not to get divorced. Most of the divorcing parties rely on the commitment made by the lawyers to get the best possible outcome in the case, along with staying informative to their needs.

There can be many mistakes made in the legal process by the spouses which divorce lawyers can eliminate. Divorce can be sometimes an extremely stressful span of life. With the help of the lawyer, parties can agree to things that are in the best interests of children. Even in the most cordial splits, the spouses could end up with great financial losses if an experienced divorce lawyer is not hired.

List of Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Houston Texas

  • Thomas A Martin
    Houston, TX
    Law Offices of Thomas A. Martin
    JD (1997), South Texas College of Law; MBA (1978), Cornell University;
    BA (1976), University of Virginia
  • Marilyn G Vilyus
    Houston, TX
    Law Office of Marilyn Gale Vilyus
    BA (1975) Cleveland State University; JD (1999) St. Mary's University
  • Lisa M Van Auken
    Bellaire, TX
    Law Office of Lisa M. Van Auken
    JD (1997), University of Houston
  • Carl J selesky Houston, TX
    The Selesky Law Firm, L.L.P
    BA (1990) North Central College, Naperville, IL.; JD (1994) South Texas
    College of Law, Houston, TX
  • Toni L Sharretts Houston, TX
    Law Office of Toni L. Sharretts
    BA (1996) University of Houston, cum laude; JD (2001) South Texas
    College of Law
  • Holli Palmer Houston, TX
    Law Office of Holli Palmer
    University of Houston, J.D., 2004; University of Houston, B.A., English,
  • Michael G Busby Houston, TX
    Busby & Lee P.C
    South Texas College of Law; University of Central Oklahoma
  • Bradley W Tilton II Houston, TX
    Tilton Law Firm
    J.D., cum laude, South Texas College of Law, 2005 B.S., Biology,
    University of Houston, 2002

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