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Divorce Guide

Cheap Divorce Lawyer in Dallas Texas

Most of the cheap divorce lawyers in Dallas Texas are limited to family law. These attorneys handle complex family law matters. They also provide alternative options for divorce like mediation or collaborative law. The lawyers deal with premarital and post marital settlement issues. They assist in issues of adoptions, custody or support.

These lawyers along with their diverse experience and talents, provide clients with attentive and efficient service in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas. Getting a divorce can be a worst experience. Finding a cheap divorce lawyer in Dallas Texas can be more stressful if proper research of the lawyers is not made. Hiring a divorce lawyer can be very costly sometimes, but having a lawyer can reduce the costs involved in the divorce process. There are lawyers for handling divorce in Dallas, Texas that can help you in your case.

How to find Cheap Divorce Lawyer in Dallas Texas?

  • Understand how much you can afford to spend on your divorce process. Lawyers in Dallas County, Texas charge around $150 to $400 per hour or more. If you can't afford these kinds of fees, you can consider hiring a paralegal who is not so much experienced or you can refer to legal aid service.
  • Visit the online website named FindLaw.com. Click the link of "Find a Lawyer". Search on the term "divorce," and type "Location" "Dallas, Texas." And then Click on "Find Lawyers". The results that appear below the search box will provide you with the section of the lawyer's website.
  • Ask for the reference of the lawyer you already have known in Dallas, Texas that you can rely on. You can take advice from your friends and family in Dallas if they have any clue about the lawyer in that area. Getting a reference can help you to hire an experienced yet affordable divorce lawyer.
  • Contact many divorce lawyers for a consultation. Don't forget to enquire about the fee charged with the consultation. When you contact the divorce lawyers, clear all the doubts running in your mind. Find out the lawyers qualification, discounts offering if any, whether divorce is his principal area of practicing and years of experience.
  • Once you are satisfied with all the queries, talk to him/her about your case. Do not forget to mention every small fact about it. Clear the doubt whether he/she ever charges a flat fee for handling cases.
  • Don't make up your mind to choose the very first divorce lawyer you meet. Instead interview at least many divorce lawyers. If the divorce lawyer is more expensive for you or doesn't seem to have your best interest, meet more lawyers until you find the right one.

List of cheap divorce lawyer in Dallas Texas

  • Park Segler LLP Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys & Family Law Firm
    4145 Travis St, Ste 201
    Dallas, TX
    (214) 780-05505430
  • Beeman Ave
    Dallas, TX
    (214) 749-7777
  • Lawyer Divorce-Criminal-Probate Dave Todd Attorney
    1016 N Bishop Ave
    Dallas, TX
    (214) 948-8711
    1700 Commerce St
    Dallas, TX
    (214) 267-9090
  • Divorce Lawyer Dallas
    Dallas, TX
    (866) 354-3491
    LLS Divorce Lawyers Dallas
    2633 McKinney Ave, Ste 2
    Dallas, TX
    (888) 632-0503
  • Gregg, Robert S - Law Office of Robert S Gregg
    2618 Oak Lawn Ave
    Dallas, TX
    (214) 646-1489
  • Jody L Johnson Family Law Solutions Dallas
    100 Crescents Ct, Ste 250
    Dallas, TX
    (214) 389-2895

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