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Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Finding a cheap divorce lawyer is not a difficult thing once you get the idea of how to search for a good one. Such lawyers are usually hired by the people who cannot afford to spend more on the lawyers and are already facing financial problems. However, you should consider certain things before finding a good lawyer.

Represent Yourself

When you are looking for cheap divorce lawyer, it is most often in your best interest to have an idea of the support you wish to get from the lawyer. A party usually files the case on their own because their divorce is uncontested. It means issues of children are not involved and both the parties are in agreement regarding the asset division. Even when you decide to file for divorce on your own, consider the lawyer’s advice for reviewing the documents that you must submit to the court.

When you decide to hire a lawyer, a contract should be prepared that specifically states his fees and time to be paid. Few attorneys work strictly on the basis where they charge a particular amount regardless of how much time the case will take. Others charge fees that range between $100 and $400 per hour.

It may be sometimes difficult to determine the information of the lawyers through telephone as most of the lawyers will not tell their fees until all the facts and conditions surrounding your case are known to them.

There are certain questions that you must ask the lawyers to know whether they are affordable:

  1. Is there a fee for an initial consultation?
  2. How will I be informed about the status of the case?
  3. What legal documents do you require?
  4. How long have you practiced family law?
  5. Does the firm charge an hourly or flat rate for a divorce?
  6. How much are the firm's average hourly rates?
  7. What is the standard fee of the lawyer for filing an uncontested divorce?
  8. Is the fee negotiable?
  9. Do you practice often in the court where the case will be tried in?

Reducing Legal Fees can help in Hiring a Cheap Divorce Lawyer

  • Hire a lawyer whose office is near the city or the county where your case will be heard. It lessens the travel expenses and hourly rate charged by the lawyer.
  • Try to deliver documents that need to be filed with the court to avoid courier service fees.
  • If you have any query, make a note of it and speak about it to your lawyer. This can be helpful to lessen the hourly rate.

There is a Certain Risk involved for Hiring a Cheap Divorce Lawyer

Do not get excited with the temptation that the lawyer you are hiring is charging less fees compared to other lawyers. Most of the lawyers charge less fees because they are already loaded with other legal cases. If this is the situation, then you will not be paid attention and get what you deserve as the firm is overwhelmed and understaffed. There are certain agencies that regulate the lawyers’ discipline in every state. Always be in touch with such agencies to ensure that your lawyer is a member in good standing.

There are online websites available that works as referral services to a number of cheap divorce lawyers willing to work. These websites also provide free legal papers to start the divorce process along with legal support at comparatively low rate.

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