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Causes of Divorce

There can be a thousand very small and different causes of divorce in a particular case. But given below are the most frequent and most common causes of divorce.

Common Causes of divorce.

  • Lack of communication or poor communication - Poor or lack of communication between husband and wife is the most common cause of divorce these days. People are not always ready to discuss those small things which doesn't seems to be working out. It results in conflicts and arguing, which ends up at divorce.
  • Lack of commitment for the marriage to make it a success - People are not commited to marriage or their spouses.
  • Not being faithful with spouse - This is another common reason for the marriage break-ups. If you not faithful, it is just time that it is recognized and take care of (in terms of divorce).
  • Financial Reasons - Yes, this is also one of the most common causes of divorce. This happens in two cases. First, when people do not want to discuss their financial situations like debts etc. before marriages. Second, when before marriage, wife thinks that husband should earn for the family and husband thinks that they should both we working for the betterment of the family. This results in conflicts later.
Other Causes of Divorce
  • Lack of Physical Relationships with Spouse - Human is still an biological animal and lack of physical/sexual relationship results in frustration. It can also lead to the reason for "not being faithful to your spouse".
  • Lack of trust in the spouse
  • Failed expectations - People have a dream that the person they are marrying is the Mr. or Mrs. right. But in most cases that is not true. So the expectations from the other spouse are are not met, which results in frustration.
  • Abuse - Any kind of physical, emotional or sexual with the partner.
There may be many other specific reasons for the dissolution of marriage, but these are the most frequent reasons which end up in divorce.

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