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Divorce Guide

Advice To Women Getting Divorced

Most of the women are so tormented during divorce that they stop thinking about practical issues. Our advice to women getting divorced is to be realistic and take life as it comes. Women who become over emotional during divorce tend to lose future financial back up and then regret later.

We know that divorce is not a time when you can think about something as mean as finance. But letís not forget that financial support is the basis of a good life. Especially if you are insistent on keeping the children with you, you need strong financial base to take care of their educational and other important needs.

Although, most of the women in US are employed taking care of the household and children is not easy with single income. Women who have little income or no income of their own should make it a point to start doing financial planning even before divorced. Every womanís financial planning should be based on the following considerations:
  • Whether you want to keep the children with you?
  • How much money do you need to support your family after divorce?
  • Where do you want to stay after divorce? Whether you want to retain the present house or arrange for a new one?
  • Depending on your husbandís income how much alimony do you think will be granted to you?
  • How do you plan to take care of your tax payment after separation?
The most important divorce advice for women is to plan their future financial needs. There is a lot of information available on internet, books, and forums that can help you see your life in a broad spectrum. You must talk to people with similar experience and know what all mistakes did they make, so that you can avoid the blunders and secure your future.

Apart from financial planning there are other important issues to take care of as well. As soon as you make up your mind regarding divorce, or come to know about the decision of divorce from your husband you should start safeguarding your interest. Some of the suggestions are:
  • Close Joint Accounts: If you have a bank account in joint name then please withdraw your name. You can also take out 50% of the cash and deposit it in another account. If this is the account where your salary goes, immediately change your salary account.

  • New Insurance Policy: If you are a nominee in your husbandís insurance policy then plan to buy a new policy because after divorce he is bound to change the name of the nominee. If you have paid the installments of the insurance policy then mention about this to your lawyer.

  • Cancel Credit Cards: Freeze the cards where your husband is a co-user. Otherwise you will regret paying his bills after separation.

  • Divide Stocks and Shares: If you have stocks and shares in both of your names then call your financial advisor and get it divided in a way that both of you have a fair share.

  • Assess Husbandís Income: No matter till now you have not bothered to know husbandís earning. As soon as the thought for divorce strikes your mind you must try to ascertain your spouseís income. This is very important to get a fair amount as alimony. A number of men try to hide their sources of income in order to pay less alimony. So you must keep your eyes open to such details.
Demanding financial security from your spouse is nothing wrong or unethical. Women generally mix sentiments and finance. Even after asserting your financial needs you can be emotional and considerate.

Our advice to women getting divorced is to give a brave fight by using fair means. Seeking professional advice related to divorce is very important even at the initial stage. A good financial advisor will guide you through the right way towards a secured future.

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