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Advice On How To Stop Divorce

Marital discords are very common. No marriage is perfect and there is no couple who has never fought in their life. And sometimes the fights become so serious that couples become frustrated and start thinking of divorce. Later they realize the problem is not so serious and divorce will not solve their problems. Itís at this point of time that advice related to stop the divorce comes handy.

Mike and Sandra were married for seven years. They had a four year old son. Recently Sandra felt that Mike was not the way he used to be. He never remembered their anniversary, or her birthday. Sandra developed a feeling that Mike did not like her anymore. Sandra and Mike started having frequent fights. There was a huge communication gap between the two. Mike was not able to understand what Sandraís problem was. Sandra started taking opinion from her friends who told her that the reason for this indifference could be Mikeís relationship with another female.

Finally Sandra decided to divorce Mike. Fed up of everyday fights, Mike too gave his consent for divorce. Sandra went to stay with her parents. Her mother explained that she should not be hasty in her decision about divorce. Sandra was taken to a marriage counselor. The counselor met both Sandra and Mike. After a few sittings the counselor pointed out that the reason for their divorce is baseless and they just need a little more communication in their relationship. Sandra and Mike adopted the advice of marriage counselor and experienced a sea change in their relationship. It is then that they realized how foolish they were to have ever thought about divorce.

Most of the couples who initiate the divorce process are not able to complete it. Not because they are incapable of completing it, but because they donít actually want to get divorced. Divorce or separation is an impulsive thought that frequently visits our mind, but most of the couples are so attached to each other that they cannot stay apart.

Whenever couples feel that their decision of divorce was taken in haste, they must follow a set of advice to stop divorce.
  • Analyze the root cause:
    Most of the divorce decisions are taken in haste and in surge of emotions. The decision to retract divorce can also be a result of your impulse. Thus it is advisable to analyze the reasons for your divorce. You can write down your problems or reasons on a paper and try to analyze whether these reasons are stark enough to break the family. If after giving a proper thought you still feel that the problems faced by you are actually serious and there is little scope for improvement then go for divorce.

  • Avoid taking too much opinion:
    If you are dwindling between divorce and no divorce you tend to take opinion from too many people. This is going to confuse you even more. Stick to a few mature people who can actually show you the right way. If you actually want to stop your divorce then reach out to positive people who can teach you to think positive.

  • Meet counselor:
    If both of you want to stop divorce but cannot decide what is right or wrong, itís advisable to seek professional advice. Counselor will listen to your problems and suggest the best course of action.

  • Bring changes in your behavior:
    If you have decided to stop your divorce and give your marriage another try, then first thing to do is to change your own behavior and attitude. You will have to stop doing things that irritate your partner, and start doing things that please him or her.

  • Make plan for betterment:
    Not everyoneís relationship runs smooth. Most of us have to take steps to ensure that things work out well in marriage. If you want to stop divorce then sit with your spouse and chalk out a plan of action. Make a list of to do and not to do. Religiously follow what you two have decided and experience the change.

  • Communicate with the spouse:
    Communication gap opens the door for strained relationships. So when you are trying to stop divorce the key is to keep communicating even about the smallest feelings, likes, and dislikes.
Stopping the divorce from happening is a very positive approach towards marriage. However, you must seek proper advice to stop divorce in order to avoid any future problems. To get divorced or not should not be decided in impulse.

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