Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

Advice On Starting Over Again

Divorce creates an emotional imbalance in your life. You lose confidence and interest to do finer things. Especially if the divorce has been due to reasons of adultery or infidelity then lit is as if ife has stopped for you. Overcoming the shock of a broken marriage becomes difficult. A wise advice on starting over again is that it is better to forget the past soon and start afresh as soon as possible.

Sarah and Bill were married for 5 years. They were "made for each other" couple and Sarah was too much emotionally dependent on Bill. Sarah was devastated when she came to know about Billís affair with his childhood friend. Their relationship became so strained that divorce was the only option. Sarah shifted to New Jersey and started working as school teacher. But Sarah only existed; there was no charm in her life.

Millions of men and women go through the same phase of life when divorced. Divorce creates a lot of negative feelings.

7 Tips on how to start life after divorce :
  1. Join divorce forums that can help you meet similar people and make you feel better
  2. Meet a good counselor to seek advice on how to start again after divorce
  3. Take a vacation and go away. This will help you forget everything
  4. Donít stay alone. Try to spend time with your best friend or family so that you get an outlet for your feelings
  5. Join yoga or meditation to ease out your tension
  6. Take good care of yourself by staying fit and looking good. Donít let your confidence fall.
  7. If the city reminds you of past then you can also think about relocation.
The sooner you try to come out of the frustration that divorce has given you, the faster you will progress in life. Remember, its time for you to start a fresh life. While you are struggling to come out of the frustration that divorce has given, you also need to take a few steps to ensure that the ghost of your broken marriage does not follow you in future.

Start life After Divorce:
  • Change your surname: If you have acquired the title of your spouse after marriage, change it back to the original one. This is a legal procedure but very important in order to show the world that you are once again unmarried. This is an important post divorce suggestion.

  • Check the Alimony Details: It is very important that you understand the clause related to alimony in detail. At what intervals are you going to get the alimony and what will be the mode of payment are important details that should not be missed. Also, you must verify after a certain period whether you are actually receiving the alimony money or not. In case you have to pay the alimony arrange the mode of payment.

  • Read the Post Divorce Papers Carefully: Although your attorney will explain you everything, but make sure that you go through the papers yourself and seek any clarifications that you have. Itís going to be a sad situation if you accept any clause without understanding it and then regret later.

  • Draft a Financial Plan: Financial planning is very important specially if you are a single parent with the liability of bringing up your children. You must decide how much money you need and at what point of time. A good financial planning will not let you feel the pinch of a single parent.

  • Buy New Insurance: If your insurance policy is cancelled after divorce as it was in both of your names, then get a new insurance policy for yourself. Staying without insurance is not wise.
Another very important tip for post divorce revival Ė prepare yourself to date again. World is full of beautiful people. Donít restrain yourself from meeting new and interesting people. Who knows you might meet your partner for life? The most important advice on starting again after divorce is to view things with an open mind and stay positive.

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